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Why you should consider hiring a wedding planner…

When you are planning your big day, you will probably want to be involved in all of the major decisions. Some people like to plan their wedding with their partner or their loved ones but this doesn’t come without its difficulties. Not only are weddings hard to plan but they can also be very expensive and allocating your budget correctly isn’t easy if you haven’t done this before.

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We know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. Hello, there’s also a pandemic going on! Wedding stress has never been more real! There may be some little moments when you start to act a little irrational, or maybe a little demanding, aka, like a bridezilla.

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3 Reasons why you must prioritize your wedding rings

What is a wedding without wedding rings? Wedding rings are an integral part of your wedding. From the cute little ring bearer in your entourage to the moment you place the rings on both of your ring fingers, there is nothing that proclaims “Husband and Wife” as much as your wedding rings. Here are 3 reasons why investing in your wedding rings is a great idea that will surely benefit you:

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Vellora Entry : Planning a Proposal during the Pandemic

Maybe you had a clever proposal planned before COVID-19, or perhaps spending all this time with your significant other has made you realize that you’re ready to be with them for the rest of your life.

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